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    About Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC, SEP

    My playful and compassionate spirit guides me in supporting the restoration of myself, others and the natural world, and, see how essential each of these pieces are for true healing.

    I am a Registered Psychotherapist and Certified Canadian Counsellor. I hold both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Counselling and Spirituality from University of Ottawa. I have has also completed the comprehensive trauma training, Somatic Experiencing, and is now an international assistant for these trainings. Somatic Experiencing guides my practice as I integrate it with Nature therapy, Attachment therapy, and Internal Family Systems therapy.

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    I am familiar with feelings of stress, anxiety, self doubt, and unworthiness. When these feelings take over, I used to find myself, either hiding away from life’s responsibilities, or pushing through until collapsing into a big heap of emotion. This cycle would leave me in patterns of burn out and isolation.

    Discovering the world of dance helped me start the journey back to my body. I quickly learned to delight in movement and began exploring the wisdom of of my body through Somatic Experiencing.

    I also began to spend more time outside, connecting to trees and plants and noticing how my body found more ease. I started to understand my place in the greater web of life. This was the deeper level of belonging I didn’t even know I was looking for all these years.

    I began to understand how a lot of my suffering was a result of my body trying to protect itself, and the healing I experienced through dance and nature, had allowed me to begin to unwind these deeply held patterns.

    I now have more space for living my authentic life full of wonder, aliveness and ease.

    It is possible to return to a reciprocal relationship between your body and earth and find your home.

    I would love to help guide your way.

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    My Approach

    I believe that you have the innate ability to return to your authentic self and be able to live with more ease, happiness, and connection. 

    It is possible to live more in the moment and have meaningful work, interests and relationships.  This belief drives my passion in collaborating with you to discover what the right kind of conditions are needed for you to move into your own sense of aliveness.

    That is why I offer an array of pathways of services that offer unique experiences that get you outside the four walls of the office and into lived experience connecting to your body, nature and others.  This tangible experience restores connection and promotes deeper and lasting healing

    Individual Somatic Experiencing sessions work with unwinding the nervous system’s patterns of fight, flight and freeze to support your body to return to safety and aliveness.

    Wellness in the Woods programs offer outdoor walks, workshops and retreats to support your body to heal within reciprocal relationship with the natural world and each other.


    Our bodies and earth are depleted.  We treat our bodies as limitless machines, just as we treat earth as an endless consumable item that serves us.

    It is not sustainable.

    For ourselves. And for earth.

    It is time to listen to the body and earth’s signals.


    Our mission at Wellness in the Woods is to create experiences that support a re-discovery of our bodies as intricate systems within a greater ecosystem.

    Connecting to both the wisdom of earth and body can ignite true reciprocal relationships.  We can return to our respectful place in the greater web of life and true wellness for all living beings can emerge.


    Over the many years of being a psychotherapist, I have realized how the individual psychotherapy world has followed the capitalist/industrial model, and so perpetuates stress, isolation and sickness.

    It is now my vision for my practice to support healing industrial trauma by shifting from an individual therapy model to group therapy model, interacting within the natural world.

    My vision is to collaborate with Indigenous organizations, therapists, restoration projects, naturalists, etc to create cutting edge programing that provides opportunity to experience healing as we engage activities that promote giving back to the earth.

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