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    Sense into the Summer Solstice

    Online 10 day Program
    June 10-20

    Step outside and let your senses discover the beauty and vitality of the Summer Solstice

    Join Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC, SEP as she guides a Community to re-connect to the natural world and re-discover vitality after a winter of hardship and isolation

    At last, the flowers are blooming, the greens are vibrant and there is warmth in the air. Naturally, we are being pulled, out of the confines of our homes, and into the outdoors.

    However, this time, it feels different, doesn’t it?

    We have just spent the last 2 months keeping ourselves safe from Covid-19 by self-isolating indoors.

    Now, there is a palpable impulse to burst back to life. At the same time, there is caution due to risk of covid-19.

    “Much is said of becoming present to wonder of the ‘now’ and there is no more effective way to do this then stepping outside and touching the earth, letting your body and soul realign with nature’s pulses and finding spirit at last in the sensuality of the wild”
    – Danu Forest

    We have become accustomed to readying ourselves for threat. This sense of caution may result in more anxiety and make it harder to see the beauty all around us.

    As the days become longer and nature grows to its fullness, we are offered daily reminders of our own vitality, hope and resilience.

    It is vital for our own resilience, peace and restoration to learn how to see the beauty, even amidst this stressful time.

    Through teachings around the nervous system and sensory awareness activities, let Angela support you in discovering your own resilience and vitality within a safe community.

    The Experience: It’s Simple!

    • Set aside 30 minutes a day to be outside
    • Find a place to sit or walk mindfully
    • Explore the environment via your 5 senses
    • Try out the daily sensory exercise posted on the private Facebook group
    • Share your experience through our private Facebook group (if you want to)
    • Track the shifts in your body over the 10 days

    Join the Community and get support. The program:

    • Education about stress and the nervous system
    • Daily pre-recorded guided exercises to tune into nature through your senses
    • Access to Angela for support and questions via Facebook
    • Private Facebook group
      • Two live Facebook video chats
      • Supportive environment to share delights and struggles over the 10 days
      • Share stories, photos and discoveries
      • Final Live Facebook Summer Solstice Celebration on last day

    Ready to Sense into Summer Solstice?  Click below to register.

    I am happy to offer sliding scale due to the financial struggles related to Covid-19.  Please pay what feels possible right now out of the options in the scroll down menu below.
    Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email. A welcome email with more information and the Facebook Invite will be sent sooner to the start date.
    Feeling intrigued but have some questions? Feel free to Contact me

    I look forward to sharing this experience with each of you as we enter into the 10 longest days of the year together!  I wonder what beauty will be discovered?

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    Meet Angela Herzog MA, RP, CCC, SEP

    “Angela has a calmness and gentleness that makes me, (and I’m sure others), feel safe.  Her facilitation skills were both professional and “real” and it never felt rehearsed or disconnected.  Her teachings were honest, true, heartfelt and accessible.

    Angela’s compassion set at tone of non-judgement toward self and others at the beginning and throughout the challenge.

    2016 participants

    Angela’s playful and gentle spirit informs her work as a Body-Oriented Psychotherapist. Angela offers a safe and compassionate therapeutic experience that facilitates the body-mind-nature connection

    Angela integrates her comprehensive training in Somatic Experiencing with her 10 years of experience and trainings in the Social Service field.  Somatic Experiencing is a naturalistic therapy for resolving symptoms stemming from emotional and physical stress and trauma.  Angela holds the belief that human beings have the innate capacity to return to natural rhythm and heal trauma.

    I learned to appreciate the natural elements of our world that was a blur to me in the past.  I learned that I would always have blinders on while walking outside, focusing only on the cement sidewalk in front of me and keeping my mind occupied with toxic/stressful thoughts. I have grown a new appreciation for nature and now see it as a support system for me that I can turn to when I need peace, relaxation, de-escalation and rest.

    2016 Participant