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    Somatic Therapy Sessions

    Yearn to feel alive and not just survive?

    Need to step out of the trap of stress and anxiety?

    Desire to break out of isolation and into belonging?

    One-on-One Somatic Experiencing Therapy Sessions

    For various reasons, including societal conditions, familial traumas, lack of community support, many of us have not received the attuned presence of others that create the conditions to move into living a full, authentic life. To cope with this reality, we often have to push away our emotions, desires and interests to try to fit a mold in hopes to find support. Instead of finding belonging, this coping further divides us from our own self and body, and creates even more isolation. We tend to then start living from our heads and believe thoughts of unworthiness, which can perpetuate experiences of anxiety and depression.  Somatic Experiencing supports us to safely re-connect to our bodies so we can rediscover who we are outside of trauma.  Click here to learn more about Somatic Experiencing

    What to Expect

    In our work together, I offer a genuine, sensitive presence to help you slowly and safely, start tuning into your own experience. Together, we will offer compassion to discarded parts of yourself. Restoring this connection to yourself and your body, allows us to discover the underlying traumas and needs that created these coping patterns. As we progress through therapy, you will learn to trust this connection and you can come in touch with your body’s innate process to let stress responses move through the body and be released. As this release takes place, you will be able to welcome back lost parts of yourself and move into a sense of worthiness and authenticity; your true home.

    “The process of being seen, understood, and accepted by an attuned, empathetic other engenders a sense of genuine self-acceptance, a feeling that we are profoundly okay.  We feel safe enough, strong enough, sure enough to venture courageously into the world and develop the competencies we need need to deal with life’s challenges”
    – Linda Graham

    Somatic Experiencing is a specialized trauma therapy that uses the understanding of the nervous system and your body as nature to help you restore aliveness.

    Indoor and Outdoor Sessions

    Our sessions can stay within my office that people have noted feels like a cottage as it has a cozy atmosphere with a pine ceiling and nature objects decorating the space, and large windows overlooking a field and forest. We can also have sessions that venture beyond the four walls and onto the land surrounded by trees, plants and water.

    This natural setting offers you a deeper experience of slowing down and connecting to your authentic experience as you connect with the natural wonders around you. Nature becomes the therapy room and can offer you rich lessons and connection that can give you a deeper sense of peace and belonging throughout your therapy journey.

    We can slowly walk as we talk or find a quiet place to sit and take in the surroundings as we explore your inner experiences.

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